Do all your staff work as a team and are they self motivated?
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Zulu Experience arranges exhilarating, fun and authentic corporate teambuilding events with a difference.
Team building exercises and icebreakers can help build a sense of teamwork in your people, helping them find the ‘team’ in teamwork.

We offer a selection of teambuilding events, including:

Grey matter challenges:
Amazing Zulu Race (3-5 hours)
The amazing team adventure is a fusion of group thinking, interactive challenges. It includes finding clues, physical challenges, problem solving tasks and building challenges. This amazing race will challenge team members both physically and mentally; each member will tackle tasks in a truly picturesque African setting.
Treasure Hunt (2-3 hours)
Embark on a journey in search of a hidden treasure. Teams work together unlocking clues, searching for keys, deciphering cryptic messages and overcome a variety of fun challenges. A superb “get to know each other” whilst being motivated and focused. Ultimately the treasure needs to be found through team tactics of cooperation, strategy, wits and style.

Corporate challenges:
The Challenge (2 hours)
You can select from an exciting assortment of challenges that require a variety of personal and team skills. You can choose different zones for your event, adrenaline, fun, mystery, adventure, creative etc to meet your team building objectives.

The Apprentice (3-5 hours)
Your team will endure rigorous tasks and compete in the most exhilarating team challenge ever. Everyone will have a chance to excel at the ever imaginative and challenging business related missions. The tasks will test their intelligence, business skills and personal interaction skills. Teams will complete sometimes humorous, but always difficult assignments and will be forced to think outside the office in order to win the game where teamwork is crucial for success.
Virtues of fire
Race to collect ingredients – firewood, oil etc. to make popcorn. Once popped, sell the popcorn in bags to the local community. Most amount of money collected in the time period wins.

Team Building Games and Fun Activities
Fun, non-physical activities which will encourage participants to interact with each other as they get creative and even possibly entertain their colleagues!

Zulu survivor events:
Survivor! Zulu Style!  Outgun, outfit and outsmart each other throughout a series of challenges set in this authentic Zulu location.  Various events available including Zulu soccer, Zulu Footie, Zulu bicycle race, Zulu fishing and many more.
Example: Outgun - Using a slingshot, spear and knobkerrie, survivors will outgun the other teams by shooting at various targets.

Zulu events:
Zulu stick fighting - Using plastic sticks teams will compete against each other, survival of the fittest
Zulu spear and bead making - Men to make a spear from scratch with steel provided, it is hot & hard work. Ladies must bead the spear handle once completed by the men

Community challenges:
Zulu beer - Teams must prepare zulu bear in the traditional black pot with the ingredients provided
Zulu cooking - Teams have to prepare phutu, cabbage, zulu stew and butternut the traditional way.
Top garden - Prepare a garden for the community by preparing the soil and planting the seeds that will be provided
Hut Building - Build a storage hut with materials provided

Sport Challenges:
We offer a variety of sport challenges including Cricket with a difference, Bush golf (Experience a new golfing sport in South Africa, played anywhere but the golf course!!!), Beach Olympics, Beach golf and beach bowls.  

Mountain bike challenges:
Race 40km(3-5 hours) and 25km(1-4 hours) and 10km (1-3 hours)
Race along a challenging mountain bike marked course, first team home wins. Water holes and Zulu shebeen stops for refreshments!! Guides available.
Mission impossible
Race to find a hidden pot of gold in a cave on mountain bikes. Rough terrain and a crazy map to help you bump and bruise along

Water games:
Two man boat race - Blow up a two man boat, race across the river with no ores
River crossing - Tractor tube, 3 ropes, 50kg weight and away you go!
The great tube race  - One member gets inside the tractor tube, while the other member push the tube and member across an obstacle course.
Dam race - At various points you will change using a 2 man boat, tube and bodyboard
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